AXOCOM takes over projects from content acquisition, planning and localisation to sales representations, content delivery, business administration, strategic marketing, PR and platform constructions across multiple fields, so that our clients can swiftly expand and flourish. AXOCOM supports and provides sales, distribution, and PR activities for the following portfolio of media companies/channels:


AXOCOM is the exclusive distributor of JOJ GROUP channels to operators in both Czech and Slovak markets, including JOJ Cinema SD/HD, JOJ Family, CS Film, CS Horror, CS Mystery and CS History on the Czech and Slovak markets and JOJ, PLUS, WAU, JOJ Sport, JOJ24 on Slovak market. JOJ Family brings the best of the original programming and popular content of JOJ Group channels, legally from Slovak to Czech market. JOJ Cinema is a movie channel, bringing the latest foreign movies, exclusive Czech/Slovak premieres, some of the globally most successful titles of all genres, all in HD and uninterrupted by advertising. CS Film offers by far the largest number of Czech and Slovak movies every day. CS Horror is the only station in CEE region that specializes in broadcasting scary movies and horror tv shows. CS Mystery is a world of mysteries and paranormal phenomenas, a world of wars and crimes, as well as conspiracies and alternative history explanations. CS History is a documentary channel with military and historical programmes dedicated to a wide range of popular topics. JOJ Sport is the first Slovak sport television, which is dedicated mainly to Slovak sports and Slovak athletes. JOJ 24 is the completion of the complete news service of TV JOJ, from news programs provided on the main station from early morning to evening, through a strong news website, to the expansion of the journalistic background with discussion shows and podcasts.


A joint venture of Comcast and Paramount Global, SkyShowtime brings together the combined resources of both companies, direct-to-consumer experience, and the very best entertainment, movies, and original series from the iconic brands of Universal Pictures, DreamWorks, Sky Studios, Peacock, Paramount +, SHOWTIME®, Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon.  AXOCOM represents SkyShowtime on the expansion of its activities across selected markets in the CEE region, with the main focus on Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria. AXOCOM is the exclusive distributor of kids channels Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon Ukraine Pluto TV, Nick Jr., Nicktoons, youth/music MTV branded channels and entertainment channel Paramount Network on the Czech market.


The unmissable destination for the latest in pop culture, entertainment and lifestyle. Celebrity fans will be able to enjoy red carpet coverage, reality shows with famous faces and a daily dose of the latest news from the world of entertainment.


AXOCOM is the exclusive sales and marketing agent for AXN, AXN Black, AXN White and SVOD service AXN NOW in Czech Republic and Slovakia. AXN delivers 24 hours a day of action and crime TV series, movies, animations and adventure-reality. AXN Black offers quick action across series and reality shows, focusing on shows with a distinctive hero. AXN White is a fresh, female schewed channel that brings fun and entertainment and its programming is focused on television series and movies.


A+E network is a global media company with TV channels all over the world. The international division oversees 50 channels around the world, reaching more than 300 million subscribers in over 150 countries in 37 languages. AXOCOM is the exclusive distributor of A+E factual entertainment channels: History, History HD, H2 HD and CRIME+INVESTIGATION on the Czech and Slovak markets.


TV Services is one of the leading regional media companies producing tematic tv channels mainly for the Czech and Slovak tv markets. AXOCOM is the exclusive distributor of SENZI, Lala and Folklorika channels in Slovak and Czech markets. SENZI is the most popular music TV with a wide group of viewers in Slovakia and newly also in Czech Republic. SENZI broadcasts 24 hours a day a stream of greatest Czech and Slovak melodies, brass and folklore songs; it offers also big entertainment shows, cooking sessions, talk shows and reality shows. LALA TV is kids music channel with fully local content of all the most popular Czech and Slovak kids songs, and English nursery songs, that all the families and kids love and use to entertain and educate their kids on daily basis. Folklorika is a television focused on Slovak folklore and folk traditions and is the flagship in presentation of traditional folk culture in her many local and artistic forms.


Tematic Media Group is a significant regional player with their main focus on the CEE markets with a variety of tematic tv channels. AXOCOM represents its channels in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria. The Fishing & Hunting brings practical advice and tips as the most modern techniques, latest novelties in equipment and also recommend where and when to use them to reach the best results not only for fishermen and hunters but also to those who want to penetrate the mysteries of both these marvellous sports. This thematic channel is dedicated not only fishing and hunting but it is worth watching for lovers of unusual natural landscapes. Super One HD is a popular choice of operators and viewers when it comes to adult entertainment broadcasting 24 hours a day in the best available HD quality. In addition to these channels, there are two Hungary originated TV channels distributed by AXOCOM on Slovak market – Sláger TV and DIKH TV.


AXOCOM represents exclusively RTL Group Hungarian channel portfolio in Slovakia and Romania with its most popular channels, Sorozat+, Muzsika TV, Cool TV, Film+, RTL Gold, RTLII, RTL Három and RTL. Sorozat + is the first TV station in Hungary to broadcast non-stop television series from Latin American soap operas to the most popular Hollywood series. Muzsika TV is a Hungarian music and entertainment channel that brings mostly domestic Hungarian works for the middle generation. From folk to pop to operetta and musicals. Cool TV is Hungarian television channel focused mainly on crime series. Film + is the most watched Hungarian film television channel. RTL II broadcasts entertainment programs, reality shows, quizzes, series and other programs, especially Hungarian productions. RTL Három focuses on entertainment and offers something attractive for every generation. Most of the program consists of well-known popular titles, but there are also interesting news. RTL is Hungarian commercial television station, which is known in our country, for example, for giving the world the reality show VyVolení. RTL Gold replaced the original Film + 2. In addition to films, it broadcasts talk shows, quizzes and entertainment programs, mainly of Hungarian production.


Sapphire Media International is one of Europe’s leading distributor of adult entertainment to televisions and wireless devices. Using its extensive library of adult programming acquired from the top producers worldwide, Sapphire Media International can provide either generic or tailor made broadcast solutions for any multi- media distribution network. The company combines an in-depth knowledge of the adult business with a cutting edge distribution and support network to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of content delivery, thereby increasing potential revenues and profitability for the customer. Sapphire media produces and broadcasts the quality adult entertainment channels Hustler TV, Hustler HD, Blue Hustler, Private TV HD and represents the Redlight HD.


AXOCOM is the exclusive distributor of Pohoda Media Services channels, TV REBEL and TV RELAX channels in Czech Republic and Slovakia.TV REBEL as a rock music channel with music videos, rock concerts, rock music charts and also the premiere of the new promising stars. TV RELAX targets women of all ages and focuses on shows with mainly female themes: romantic series, soap operas, relaxation programs as well as entertainment shows of own production.


Digital Media and Communications owns and operates 4 television channels.TV4 brings spectacular period series for all family, crime series and Hollywood blockbusters. Romantic adaptations of Rosamunde Pilcher’s and Katie Fforde’s novels, British costume dramas and Latin-American soap operas form the core of the channel’s programming of STORY4. Beside the strong featured yet smart crime programmes the channel offers documentaries and reality programmes. AXOCOM is the exclusive distributor of DMC channels in Czech Republic and Slovakia.


ATV’s main profile includes news programs, political and intellectual talk shows, as well as simpler cultural programs, everyday life programs and Hungarian travel programs.
Among the news programs, the most watched are News (which is broadcast 10 times a day on weekdays), World News related to international politics and the truly popular talk show Egyenes Beszéd. Besides television, ATV is present online as well at www.atv.hu our viewers can keep up with the latest news watch the TV program with an hour delay. Also the visitors can access the archive episodes of the most important shows back for one year. ATV had launched its new entertainment channel, ATV Spirit with wide range of contents, movies and magazine-shows. The wide range of ATV Spirit consists of ATVs own production entertainment shows, Hungarian and International movies and series, this way the channel gives insight to Hungarian and international contents. AXOCOM is the exclusive distributor of ATV channel in Slovakia and Czech Republic.


Learning English has never been easier than with this unique educational TV channel. You switch on your TV and learn English for 24 hours a day in a comfort of your home with English Club TV. AXOCOM is the exclusive distributor of English Club TV on the Czech and Slovak markets.


AXOCOM also represents the following TV channels in the Czech Republic and Slovakia: RTL Television, VOX, RTL 2, RTL Nitro.